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Subliminal Audio Can Also Help With  Your Self Development

As an alternative to Mind Sync Brain Entrainment you may have heard of subliminal messaging.

Many people have a bad perception of subliminal messaging. This is mainly because, at one point, it was used as a means of advertising to TV viewers and listeners, without their permission. This is now in fact illegal, but using subliminal messaging for your own positive benefit, with your permission, is perfectly safe and legal.

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Stop Smoking

You can purchase CDs and MP3s of subliminal courses for a wide variety of self improvement issues. They work in a similar way to hypnosis, in that the positive messages are sent to your subconscious mind. They build up there over time and help you to change your self beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behaviour.

There is nothing dark or sinister about the messages, they just help you to change your thoughts, behaviour and beliefs in a positive way, while you simply listen to some relaxing sounds, like the ocean, a roaring fire or the wind. You can listen to them while you do other things, like work, exercise, drive or even while you sleep. They work in a similar way to affirmations, except that they go straight to your subconscious mind and do not have to wrestle with your conscious mind to get through.

Limited Time Only Subliminal Weight Loss Sale

Have you tried affirmations? I have and never really received much benefit. For example I was asked to use an affirmation “All is right with my world” of course what instantly happened was my conscious mind immediately listed all that was wrong with my world. Subliminal messages do not have to negotiate with that consciousness.

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Subliminal audios are available to help you to cure bad habits and help with health issues like helping to quit smoking, cure obsessive eating, and lose weight, as well as self development and learning issues. You can even use them to help learn to play a musical instrument or learn to sing. There are in fact well over 200 self help courses, so literally something for everyone.

As an example, the Stop Smoking series uses the following messages at a level above your conscious hearing:-

• I am free from my smoking addiction
• I have overcome my smoking habit
• My willpower is rock solid
• I breathe easier and feel healthier every day
• I am more motivated than ever to stay off cigarettes
• I stay strong against cravings
• I always resist the temptation to smoke
• I easily resist my cravings
• I have quit smoking forever
• I have clean and healthy lungs and love being smoke free

So you can see they are only statements that you need to make to yourself in order to beat a bad habit.

To sum up, you can change your behaviour and beliefs in a positive way, while doing other things and beat any negative thoughts from your conscious mind. What more do you need to go ahead and try it?

Well how about a completely free trial. Yes you can try 3 courses for free. We will send them to you along with a guide on how to get the most benefits from the courses. Simply click on the link below enter your details and you will be able to try them today.

Try Subliminal Audio Free.

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Subliminal Weight Loss

Limited Time Only Subliminal Weight Loss Sale

You don’t need to take our word for it check out these fantastic success stories:

Your subliminal albums are the best! I tried the overcoming shyness album and let me tell you, I am in awe! I had a big social event coming up and didn’t want to be the shy and quiet one who barely talks (as always). After constantly listening to the album I was definitely the opposite come party time, I was talkative and very social! Just wanted to say thanks.
Catherine Lambie, Mancester, UK (Overcoming Shyness)

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Since I bought your ‘Increase Metabolism’ mp3 I have lost 11 kg weight. I can see the extra fat in my body is ebbing out slowly. It’s not the weight loss I am more happy about but the money I am saving cause I used to spend loads on junk foods which stopped. Junk foods don’t attract me any longer. Moreover, even I am smoking cigarette less. My body and mind have been tuned to health conscious so much more. Another big improvement I have noticed while I been listening to ‘Increase Metabolism’ mp3 that I no longer have a stomach problem. Previously, my stomach used to go upset easily which is no longer happening.
Sohail Mohammad, London, UK (Increase Metabolism)

Limited Time Only Subliminal Weight Loss Sale

I wanted to share my recent experience; I bought your ‘improve confidence’ album. Honestly I was highly skeptical and didn’t think it would work, but I tried it anyway. I have always been quite anxious about my appearence and how people perceive me, therefore have always been shy and quiet. Two weeks after listeng to the album nightly I realised that I am much more open and confident around people. It happened so gradually that I didn’t even realise I had changed so much. I am very happy with the results!
Shaun Tucker, Glasgow, Scotland (Improve Confidence)

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I had just moved into my new place, but i didn’t even have a bed to sleep in. I listened to Attract Luck for about an hour and then immediately after, i focused on Attract Money. Within a week I got a phone call from a sweepstakes and I won $1200 dollars worth of furniture! I’d say i made out pretty good!
Walter Canada, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA (Attract Luck & Attract Money)

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Since using this album I feel like a new person! I have got more done than ever before, I literally can’t believe how different I have been behaving over the last couple of weeks!! I have done things I have been putting off for ages, and have finally took the step to change jobs, I’ve landed an interview for my dream job next week – I would of never believed I would be in this situation just a few weeks ago if you told me. Thanks so much!
Courtney Davies, California, USA (Stop Self Sabotage Album)

Download Subliminal Audios Here!

I found brain entrainment. It has a longer past perhaps even than meditation — our early ancestors made use of hypnotic drum beats. It’s not really very hard to see our ancestors whirling around their fire, climbing above earthly concerns, to the powerful beating of drums.

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